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Tree removals are usually done because a tree is hazardous to person or property or is dead, dying or diseased beyond recovery. They can be done to open up light and space for other trees that are not getting enough of those things in order to thrive. Sometimes a tree also has to be removed to open up space for construction or utility work. Tree removal can be very dangerous. Tree removal worker must often remove tree is tight built spaces where there is not much room to maneuver equipment and people. Because of this, tree removal should be done by trained, experienced arborists and never attempted by a home owner themselves or just some person with a chainsaw and some guts. A professional tree care company will remove the tree safely and efficiently with minimal impact to the surrounding area.


Tree trimming is about shaping a tree so it looks the way we want it to. Think about topiary where the foliage and twig of shrubs and trees are clipped in order to get the to grow in a certain shape and maintain that shape, to get an idea of the direction tree trimming goes in. Tree pruning is about cutting dead or diseased parts of the tree to promote health growth. Tree trimming is about cutting living, dead or diseased parts of a tree so that it grows in the way we want it to because we think it looks better that way. With tree trimming the focus of clippings is on new green shoots in specific areas. Tree trimming is more akin to plastic surgery while tree pruning is more like regular surgery.


Bushes and shrubs are the same thing. They are woody plants that have multiple stems and do not grow as high as trees. Just like trees though, shrubs can need to be removed when they are severly injured by a storm, they outgrow where they are or are just too much to maintain. Because of their smaller size bushes require less equipment to remove but it still should be done by a professional. Bushes can have deep interconnected roots and cutting away the visible plant does not remove it’s roots. If the space the bush is occupied with be used for something else, it’s best to have the bush removed the right way roots and all the first time. 


Stump grinding is a convenient way to remove a tree stump if  it doesn’t matter that the stump’s roots remain in the ground. Stumps are ground with a large machine that to oversimply is a lawnmower with a circular saw for a blade. Stump grinders tear apart the stump to a depth of about four to six inches below ground level. Professional stump grinders are much more powerful that those that can be rented at a hardware store, so it’s worth it to have a professional tree service do the job, especially when there are several stumps to be ground on the same site. 


The first step to land clearing is to determine the scope of the job and whether you will need a professional tree service company to help you clear the lot. Because they are experienced they will be able to clear the lot much faster than a novice. The next step is to determine whether or not a permit is required for your area. A professional tree service should also be able to handle this step. After that the budget needs to be determined. Tree service companies usually charge by the square foot of land. They will give you an estimate when you contact them. After all the preliminary work is complete when land clearing begins first any standing structures are removed, then standing debris like tree limbs and large rocks, next trees are felled. Felled trees can be left or hauled off. Next stumps are removed, a process called ‘grubbing’. Finally brush is cleared and the land graded to fill holes. 


If left alone sooner or later a tree stump will decay. The decaying process of a tree is complex and can take many, many years depending on how extensive the root system connected to the tree is. Some tree stumps have enough energy stored in them that they are able to regenerate shoots that grow into a new tree. If the purpose of having the tree cut that left the stump behind was to remove the tree, chances are it is not desired that new trees start growing where a stump remains. Of course like the decay process the regrowth process is also very gradual. All that notwithstanding, a bothersome stump will not take care of itself . If you want the stump gone for sure the best way to get it removed is by having a professional tree service do it. They have the tools, skills and experience to remove the stump for you.


Pruning a tree is an effective, proven way to influence how a tree grows. Sometimes it’s important to influence how a tree grows because of the direction it is growing or how it’s growth affects other trees and plants, or how it’s continued growth could affect human structures and safety. Pruning removes dead branches and sometimes roots. A dead tree branch can break off and cause damage to property or injure someone. A renegade branch can find it’s way into plumbing and necessitate very expensive plumbing repairs. Pruning should be done carefully, with skill and the right tools. Too much pruning where the wrong parts of the tree or too much of it are cut off can result in the death of the tree, which is a bigger problem than the trees branches or roots growing in the wrong direction. For major pruning of tree a professional tree service should be hired to ensure the work is done right .


Sometimes tees need help holding themselves up without which they will fall over and by so doing cause property damage, die or harm someone. cabling can protect trees from serious storm damage as well. Some signs that a tree may need to be braced or cabled are the following signs of structural stress or weakness : the tree is leaning, heaving up soil at it’s base or buckling, there are dead bald branches in its canopy or the tree has visible cavities, holes, seams or cracks. Cabling and braces stabilize a tree and limit movement of branches and the trunk of a tree. 


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