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Kannapolis Tree Service is a professional full-service tree care company located in Kannapolis, NC servicing customers in Kannapolis and municipalities in Cabarrus and Rowan County, including Concord, Salisbury, Greensboro and nearby communities in the Piedmont region.

When you have a need for tree services like tree removal, stump grinding, tree planting or land clearing, you want a a tree service company that will be responsive to customer reach out and does high-quality professional work efficiently while adhering to safety standards that keep their workers and your property safe. We know that with tree work often there’s not a second chance when shoddy dangerous work is done. That’s why our arborists and tree surgeons are highly skilled with years of industry experience. Those are precisely the values of our company: great customer service, honest, professional work and reasonable prices.

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Why You Need A Professional Tree Company

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There are many things around the house that can be done by the homeowner themselves related to their trees, like leave raking gardening and some kinds of landscaping, but certain jobs are best left to the professionals. Tree pruning, tree removal, stump removal, stump grinding, lot & and land clearing and tree cabling and bracing and other tree services are among the category of services that are best left to the professionals. There are several reasons for this. 

Major tree work like tree pruning, tree removal, stump removal, stump grinding, and land clearing are dangerous jobs, unlike other jobs around the yard like gardening or lawn care. Trees are very heavy, the tools used to cut them down are very sharp, and the heights arborists have to climb to work on are high enough to be fatal if fallen from. These are not jobs for the novice or hobbyist. Compound the danger inherent in tree work itself is the danger in outside factors related to tree work  like power lines or the wrong tools and equipment. Professionals are trained on the proper safety practices specifically related to tree work and have spent many hours training. 

Insufficient training, knowledge and practical experience in tree work can lead an inexpert homeowner to cause damage to their home, their property or their trees. Tree work is not as simple as just cutting off parts of the tree that look bad, there are appropriate techniques to remove trees without endangering property or person, or prune a tree to promote it’s health.

Professionals have professional tools that allow them to work efficiently. Trying to complete difficult, complex tree work without experience and the wrong tool is a mixture for disaster. Not only will the job not be done to professional standards, and there is a danger of grave injury or property loss, but time and money are wasted in renting tools and ending up frustrated. Hiring a professional, reputable tree service company ensures that the work will be done right the first time around. 

A professional full service tree service company can complete a wide range of projects that a novice simply is not equipped to do. Work involving very large trees or large clearing projects that require cranes, excavators and other equipment are not within the capabilities of the everyday homeowner; even if they were it would be foolhardy to attempt such work without the protections of skill, experience, training and insurance. 

Finally hiring a professional tree service is cheaper than attempting to to do the tree work oneself or have it completed it by an unsilenced, cheap tree service. After the work is completed to a low standard, you’ll just have to call a professional tree service to come in and do the work in the best case. In the worst case the damage will have already been done and it will be too late. 


A Tree Care Company That Takes Care Of Its Customers

When you call a tree company, you want to know that you will be taken care of. You want a company that will answer the phone and be on time. You want fair prices and you want service on your schedule.  That’s what we offer here at Kannapolis Tree Service. We’re hardworking professionals who believe in providing the best service we can. We take care of our customers because they are our business. 


Find out more about some of the services we offer below and get in touch with us if you see something you need.


Tree removals are usually done because a tree is hazardous to person or property or is dead, dying or diseased beyond recovery…


Tree trimming is about shaping a tree so it looks the way we want it to. Think about topiary where the foliage and twig of shrubs and trees…


Bushes and shrubs are the same thing. They are woody plants that have multiple stems and do not grow as high as trees…


Stump grinding is a convenient way to remove a tree stump if  it doesn’t matter that the stump’s roots remain in the ground. Stumps are ground…


The first step to land clearing is to determine the scope of the job and whether you will need a professional tree service company to help you clear…


If left alone sooner or later a tree stump will decay. The decaying process of a tree is complex and can take many, many years depending on how extensive the root system…


Pruning a tree is an effective, proven way to influence how a tree grows. Sometimes it’s important to influence how a tree grows because of the direction it…


Sometimes tees need help holding themselves up without which they will fall over and by so doing cause property damage, die or harm someone. cabling can protect…


Emergency tree removal is necessary when as the result of an accident, storm, snow, powerful winds, or any other reason a tree is threatening to cause major property damage or injury. A professional tree service like Kannapolis Tree Service should be hired to complete any tree removal required after a emergency situation has occurred. That is the safest choice to have any fallen trees or tree threatening to fall removed…

What To Look For

How To Hire A Tree Service Company

The first step in hiring a tree service company is to your research. When contacting tree service companies, ask them for proof of license, certifications, insurance and referrals and references. Always remember they are soliciting your business not the other way around, if they cannot or do not want to furnish these things move on. 

When you find a tree service company you wish to move forward with, arrange a time for them to come to your property to give an estimate. The estimate should be free, if it isn’t that is a bad sign. When they submit a quote to you get it in writing. Note how services are being charged. Are there extra charges that you do not understand? Is there a standard flat rate for the service you are requesting? Be sure to ask these questions of the companies from whom you receive quotes.

Finally, make a decision based on the comprehensive picture of the company. Don’t simply go for the cheapest or the most expensive but the company that has the best customer service, is the most responsive in answering questions about their qualifications and pricing and who can come out the soonest to get the work done. Do not underestimate ease of doing business and experience in interest of finding the lowest price.

What Happens When It Gets Cold

Do Tree Companies Work In Winter?

Many people think that tree service companies do not work in winter or that winter is a bad time to have tree work done. That is not true. There are a few reasons why it can be a good idea to have tree work done in the cold months of the year.

One reason is winter is a great time for pruning a tree. In the winter trees are not growing. Because of this when they are pruned in the winter they are not as stressed as in the spring. Winter pruning positions a tree well for strong, health growth in the spring. Pruning is also easier to do when the tree has no leaves. It’s easier to see the trees branch structure and identify dead, damaged or diseased branches. Removing or pruning a tree in winter sets you up well for the spring and summer when hurricane season increases the risk of fallen trees. It also sets you up well for spring and summer when you want your trees already prune before doing any landscape design; having to do more basic task during the best growing season can be a waste of precious time. Finally, many tree services offer reduced pricing in the winter because it is generally a slower time of the year for them.

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